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Burlington Chocolate launches India’s first, preservative free Dark Chocolate Fitness Bars

"We are the only brand in India which makes fitness Chocolate bars for the fitness buffs," says Nishit Shaw from Burlington Chocolate.

This quirky statement piqued our curiosity, Why would fitness buffs consume chocolate, Would it not hinder their diet and goals? We interacted with Mr. Nishit Shaw, the CEO of Burlington Chocolate to unearth this daredevil venture of his. He quoted "When you treat your body like a temple, you yearn to give it only the best fuel to keep it going. This motivated us to go an extra mile for all those fitness buffs as we induced our ultra-luxury Chocolate with Whey Protein to make it Plus Ultra Luxury fitness Chocolate bars having the nutrient components of 20gm of protein, 32 gm of carbs of which 22gm is Fibre, 24 gm of fat, with 0 gm of added sugar, reaching a total sum of 424 Calories, which when compared to your everyday Chocolate is a marvel for your health."

It seemed like India finally got its revelation to a fitness euphoric world, which no longer remains an oasis but a dream soon to become a reality. But it only paved way for the question, If fitness buffs treat their body as a temple, wouldn't it hurt if they consume a packaged food instead of something fresh and homemade? When asked upon this to Mr. Nishit Shaw, he quoted. "You see, this is the beauty of Burlington Chocolate, we are the freshest Chocolate brand in India for a reason, we start making the chocolate only when the order comes in and customize it as well as per our customer's request, which is why our Chocolate does not come with an expiry date, rather it comes with a message - To satiate your quench for a sweet tooth with the freshest and healthiest Chocolate bar in India."

Truly an inspirational and insightful road Burlington Chocolate has taken to reach the kingdom of glory. But the matter of concern was the price. Can Burlington Chocolate be affordable as an everyday Chocolate or will it have more affinity with functions and parties? In conversation with Mr. Jayesh Kajaria the R&D Head regarding this matter, he helped us remove this stone in our mind, he quoted. "When you launch an ultra-luxury Chocolate bar and target every demographics and lifestyle including the fitness buffs, you have an obligation towards them to give them the freshest and a healthful product at an economical price. The reason being we don't want price to be a barrier in our journey of changing the paradigm from a dream to a reality of the freshest and healthiest Chocolate available in the Indian market."

Looks like this Kolkata-based startup is going ways in the near future. But for now, let's see their assortment of flavors for those fitness buffs out there, they have- Fitness Velvet, Fitness Almond, Fitness Granola, Fitness Hazlenut, and Protein Blast.
To all those fitness buffs and Chocolate lovers out there, let's become a part of Burlington Chocolate's beacon of light which is revolutionizing the Indian market today by having a trip to their Insta handle given below.

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