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BUYZONE: An e-commerce platform lauded for its wide range of services of E-gift vouchers, products, and digital stores

“Download the BUYZONE App now and get exciting products of your choice on best deals.”

As evident, there has been a significant shift of customers from offline purchases to online purchases in recent times, along with the surge of online shopping. Besides, the taste of the customer’s choice has been shifted in terms of product preference and its loyalty. There is no doubt that e-commerce platforms have been a significant escape for every business, irrespective of its size, thereby making itself chief support for all kinds of brands. Fundamentally, BUYZONE is an e-commerce venture that has extended its services to the customers across all kinds of products in all the categories with its rigid structure.

After almost a decade of experience and achievement in the field of the B2B sector, Brandzone Entertainment Pvt Ltd has finally launched its sister company BUYZONE. Founded by Adhnesh, Vij BUYZONE came into existence in August 2020. It is an e-commerce company for the B2C sector with many E-gift vouchers, products, and digital stores. All the products listed on BUYZONE are branded, and the consumers already love the app. The products sold at BUYZONE already adhere to the new era consumer standards who are enthusiastic online shoppers and believe in quick purchases & quick deliveries.

The products listed on BUYZONE are sold directly by the respective brand, which certainly increases the authenticity& credibility of the product. This makes it a one-stop shop by bringing all-powerful brands on one platform. Besides selling these powerful brands, BUYZONE has partnered with them to provide customers with instant discounts while shopping online to benefit the consumers directly. Various platforms sell branded products at heavy discounts, but their authenticity always remains in question. However, on BUYZONE-quality, authenticity, and credibility can never be doubted.

Numerous brands don’t have the format of e-gift vouchers, but BUYZONE has compiled a wide range of e-gift vouchers on more than 150 top national & international brands, both B2B and B2C can be avail of this service. Be it a corporate or an individual, and there is something on BUYZONE for everyone. All the customers are provided with exciting & valuable offers and discounts gifted directly from the brand itself, with constant customization based on the demand of the product. Their wide range of e-gift vouchers is offered in various categories: fashion clothing, electronics, travel, beauty products, groceries, and so on.

Apart from the e-gift vouchers & products, BUYZONE also brings digital stores to your city. There is always a traditionalist in all of us who believes in the touch & feel of the product before purchasing it.BUYZONE allows you to do so through the medium of digital stores. On the BUYZONE app, you can discover your nearest store from where you can purchase products from their immense inventory of electronic goods&get instant delivery at your doorstep. Besides these, BUYZONE also installs 24x7 accessible vending machines in corporate offices, service centers, residential societies, gymnasiums, clubs, restaurants, and so on.

Be sure that, if you are on the BUYZONE app, you’re in for a treat!! Download the BUYZONE app on the play store and app store and start significant savings now!

Visit now:- http://onelink.to/dnfdwu
- By Shivam Madaan

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