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Celebrity Dermatologist and Cosmetologist Dr Supratim Akaash Paul on Completing Twenty Glorious Years of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Supratim Akaash Paul is one such name which comes to your mind when we talk of the glamorous Barbie doll looks of leading Bollywood and Hollywood stars worldwide. We caught up with Dr Paul on the occasion of a historic day. Dr Supratim Akaash Paul has completed twenty glorious years from being the most sought after dermatologist, cosmetologist to being a brand.

The institution called Dr Supratim Akaash Paul has had many milestones in this journey of two decades. He started off as a dermatologist, cosmetologist way back in 2000. Gradually he became a pioneer in the field of lifestyle medicine and holistic wellness therapy. Being a first-generation entrepreneur and as a founder and CEO of Dr Paul’s Group of Companies, the challenges have been numerous, says Dr Paul. However, I have never learnt to give up easily. For me, real success comes outside ones comfort zone". Today Dr Paul’s Group of Companies is a multinational entity and it stands tall with eleven verticals delving in different industries. His chambers and clinics are spread across the globe starting from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore in India to Dubai, Singapore, California.

Dr Paul is famous for his novel innovations in the field of beauty, wellness and fitness. He is much respected for his holistic approach and his magical touch, with which he is capable of turning any plain Jane into a glamorous mannequin. He is on the speed dial of any and every actor and actresses ruling the tinsel town. What the celebrities like the most about him is his constant upgradation, the amount of research he puts behind every person, his exclusivity and his principle of utmost confidentiality.

We are certain that the world is a much better looking place under the able custody of Dr Supratim Akaash Paul as we celebrate twenty glorious years in the business making him the undisputed emperor in his field. Like we say “Dandies and darlings rule the world”, so will Dr Paul in the next couple of decades.

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