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Celebrity Kids seem to have a new BFF - Who could it be? REVEALED!

Bollywood has, since its inception, always been an extremely close-knit circle wherein everyone’s familiar with one another. Usually, you get to be a part of this elite circle by birth only. Celebrities must be highly selective in picking out and choosing the right people who they want their names to be associated with.

Nepotism is known to be common among producers and filmmakers who decide to give opportunities to celebrity kids, based on the success and credit their parents hold in the film industry. Celebrity kids now are getting increasingly popular in India and are forming the crème de la crème of the youth. They are the next generation of Bollywood superstars and hence they know who deserves their friendship. They usually choose to stick close to other star kids, however, we also have seen some outsiders blending in seamlessly with them. 

We’ve seen the star kids attending parties, events, film screenings and more together with this mystery boy. Over the years, the kids who got acquainted with one another during school have grown into adults and gotten busy with their lives, but the bond they share with this boy seems stronger than ever even today.

We’ve (finally) identified their new BFF: Piran Tarapore. He is a young, sociable and handsome guy who knows how to get his way to the top and moves around with the people who most of us can only dream of ever meeting. Can we borrow your social skills, Piran?

Piran is the best of friends with Aaliyah Kashyap, Khushi Kapoor, Aarav Bhatia, and Ibrahim Ali Khan as we can see above, among many more star kids.

Let’s just say that we have a growing interest in this 20-year old and we can sniff something big cooking behind the scenes, we just don’t know what it is yet, but we are going to try our best to find out and share it with you guys as soon as we do. What could it be?

We hope to see you around more Piran, we are definitely going to keep an eye out for you in the future.

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