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Chase McAnear- “The Real Self-Made Entrepreneur”

The American Dream is a term which signifies the aspirational quality of the majority of the people who live in America. If there is one thing Americans are known for, it is their ability to dream big. However, setting your eyes on a particular goal is not enough. You should have the conviction and the gumption to achieve it. Very few have that quality. Chase McAnear was one such individual. At the age of 18, he planned on setting up an empire and by the time he reached the age of 21, he had managed to accomplish that, but this was just the beginning. 

When eighteen year old Chase informed his parents about his decision to skip college and get into the real estate business, they threw him out to fend for himself hoping that it would put some sense into his head. Instead of breaking his spirit, being homeless and penniless strengthened Chase’s determination and made him pursue his dreams more seriously. He faced a lot of difficulties during this phase of his life but never once did the thought of giving up on his dreams come to him. After passing the real estate licensing test he bought and sold several properties for two years and then, decided to start his own real estate company. During this time, he regained the confidence and faith of his parents who regretted not lending him support in the past.

After successfully establishing Lux Properties his “Hybrid Real Estate Company,” Chase ventured into other areas of business. He went on to open four other companies, all of which are doing very well.  He sees this time as a redemption stage in his life. He feels like the first part of his life didn’t hold much value. Now, he works every day to progress physically, mentally, spiritually, and especially financially. 

McAnear has much more in the works, but decides to hold those plans close to the chest.  In the near future, keep an eye out for what this driven mogul is doing. Any Individual who can go from homeless to a Multi-Millionaire in less than 3 years is someone to pay attention to. Chase McAnear is something the world hasn’t seen yet. Chase McAnear is the true definition of a “Self-Made Entrepreneur.”

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