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CHEEMA the new voice of the Bollywood music industry


CHEEMA is one of the brilliant musicians in the Bollywood music industry. And his famous work is Khaab adhure. He has given many super hit songs which are popular across all social media platforms. The whole country enjoys his singing and music style.


CHEEMA was born in Punjab; Jalandhar on 09 February 2001. He completed his studies in Punjab but his passion for singing has helped him to reach a global level today in LONDON CHEEMA is winning the hearts of millions worldwide with his singing and amazing performances.

Cheema's experience in the music industry has been excellent, Cheema has achieved great success at a very young age. Today Cheema has more than 21 thousand followers on social media and millions of subscribers on YouTube. The result of Cheema's hard work is that today he has so many fans and they all like him a lot. If we talk about Cheema's whole life, then Cheema has seen a lot at a very young age, yet he did not give up and kept moving forward.

CHEEMA has sung many songs such as Akhiyaan, Khaab adhure, Dekhti hai and You but his biggest accomplishment is Khaab adhure. People still enjoy the beats of Khaab adhure “I am very lucky that I got such a good response in such a short time and will continue to do so.,” said the singer. His main purpose is to keep entertaining his wonderful audience through his music and connect more with them either live or virtually; ensuring that they get nothing but the best experience.


Cheema leads a disciplined life where he has a fixed time for everything. He completes all the work on time. Cheema says that if you want to be successful in life and move ahead, then it is very important to respect time and be disciplined. He had to complete his studies along with work, which caused him a lot of trouble, but he did not give up music. Cheema has worked very hard in his life and the result of his hard work is that he is a big artist today. In the music industry, it was his mother who believed in him a lot. It must have been very difficult for Cheema to manage her work as well as her household chores, but she managed to overcome this difficult situation.

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