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Chetan Thakor uplifting community towards a better tomorrow

There are many communities in India who have seen a lot of ups and downs while discovering the real deal. From being the unknown to being the most spoken about, the SC, ST, and OBCS have been the unprivileged for long. There came many leaders who even raised their voice and helped these communities grow in India. India since then has seen major growth through small communities. There are leaders who have truly dedicated their time to work towards the welfare of the community. Chetan Thakor is a leader of today who believed in people and his community and uplifted them towards a better tomorrow.

Chetan Thakor the in-charge of Gujarat Kshatriya Thakor Sena worked from 2012 to 2017 when got the opportunity to donate his time for the welfare of his community. He worked for Thakor community for long and introduced his beliefs through his commendable work for the community. His work was never limited to just communal upliftment but also towards the sector of education and health. During the time of pandemic when the world was struggling to find right aid, he choose to dedicate his time to donate as many emergency aids as he can. He joined hands by offering valuables like masks, oxygen cylinders, ration kits and raised awareness about Covid 19.

He has constantly worked towards solving the unresolved issues of the OBCs. Be it working for his own community or for any other unprivileged communities, he inspired many youths to start the charity from home. He eventually emerged as not just a political leader but an idol to look forward to. Chetan Thakor is still working on current issues to help the unprivileged and is considered the constant supporter of his community.

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