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Chintan Jain: The photographer who captures the brilliance of nature through his lens

The word ‘Passion’ means different for everyone; however, in the end, it is the thing that keeps people motivated to make their dreams turn into reality. For ages, we have heard and seen the stories of individuals who stay persistent in their dreams and achieve phenomenal heights. This has also been evident in many Bollywood films, for instance, in 3 Idiots, when Farhan Qureshi realizes that his passion is not engineering but photography. He then gains a lot of courage and puts forward the idea in front of his father, and surprisingly he supports him; this eventually leads to Farhan living a life that makes him feel content. Such incidents can also be seen in real life, where people make their passion a profession or balance both. One such person who did the same is the wildlife photographer Chintan Jain.


Hailing from the ‘Land of Kings’, Rajasthan, Chintan Jain has always been close to nature, and in the year 2011, he realized his passion for wildlife photography. He chose business as his profession but gave the same value to his passion, and now it has been more than 10 years that he has been setting a benchmark in the field. Over the years, he mastered one of the most challenging genres of photography, and now each of his shots has an entirely different story. His vigilance has helped him bring his vision into reality through his lens. From animals moving to birds flying, he did it all, and eventually, tiger photography was what enticed him the most, and he made it his forte. 


To get even more experienced in his forte Chintan Jain has been visiting national parks and sanctuaries all around India, especially the Ranthambore in Rajasthan and Corbett Park in Uttarakhand. With his understanding of photography and his art of capturing wildlife shots at the right moment, Chintan has been adding captivating photographs to his portfolio. He believes that learning has no age and no barriers; therefore, he collaborates with well-reputable wildlife photographers and bloggers over the internet whenever he gets a chance. This only helped him enhance his skills, widen his sense of creativity, and grasp more knowledge. Most importantly, he learned that to take great shots, it is necessary to keep natural phenomena in regard. 


Sharing his journey, Chintan Jain says, “I am a person who always appreciates the beauty of nature, and I wanted to give a chance to people to admire the same. So I did that with my passion for capturing the beauty wildlife carries. At every chance I get, I take photos of nature and wildlife. Additionally, I make sure to make frequent sessions and visit their habitat in various seasons so that I can store different phases in my camera. I even got to experience the Leopard census two times in the year 2018. One was in Jhalana, and the other one was in Kumbhalgarh.” 


Being a pioneer in the field, Chintan Jain has gained a lot of experience and has learned to enhance his skills with different photography techniques and equipment. He has a Canon 7d mark 2, 1dx mark 2 canon 500mm f4 IS2, and the list goes on. The main aim of nature photography is to communicate the brilliance of the most majestic environment, nature, and the creatures who live in them. It takes a great understanding of numerous factors to capture these moments in the way one intends to, and Chintan Jain surely has aced that. He also wishes to explore more and face another challenging assignment in the upcoming time. 


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