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Cryptobiz Exchange is an innovative and secure Cryptocurrency-trading platform with a digital holdings infrastructure where the customers can acquire knowledge and get access to new and virtual assets. Built by experts with extensive knowledge in the Blockchain environment and Cryptocurrency trading, Cryptobiz Exchange aims to provide an experience that is fast, secure and convenient to accommodate even a first-time user and introduce more and more people to the digital assets ecosystem. The company has its financial headquarters in Estonia, but with an Indian team at the heart of its operations, it aims to make Cryptocurrency-trading a seamless experience amid a plethora of innovative features it brings to the table.

CryptoBiz Exchange is an active team that has started its journey in 2019. It has proven to be valid and fully transparent in terms of security owing to its advanced infrastructure. Each quarter they aim to release new updates, which can include : interface changes, new functionalities, improved analytics as well as new features. Moreover, they have content production on a weekly basis to educate their users as well as the ever-growing crypto community.

Among its extensive list of features is the unique bulk procure option called ‘Global Bulk Trading’ which shall enable corporate entities and financial institutions to procure digital assets in large quantities. The official website does feature a separate section dedicated to this feature.

Mr. Omkar Sonawane, who leads the marketing operations for CryptoBiz Exchange, emphasises on giving a quality product with prompt support to the growing Crypto community across the country. Mr Sonawane aims to put the focus on service delivery and wishes to launch a platform that is user-friendly. In his words, “ The team behind our project has been involved in cryptocurrency since years and years. With such experts in the CryptoBiz Exchange leadership, we are bringing a platform for the traders, by the traders - with no compromise on features and security. That is the ultimate goal. ”

The BTC Buy/Sell facility has been set up and all the updates are announced on CryptoBiz Exchange’s official website and social media communication channels.

Android and iOS smartphone applications shall be launched in the next few weeks as CryptoBiz seeks to take its feature-rich platform to the maximum users. In addition to that, an advanced exchange platform with DeFi features is being worked upon and shall be available to the Crypto community very soon.

With the focus being on a secure platform and convenient user experience, CryptoBiz Exchange vows to serve its customers with the best proactive experience the market has seen.

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