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Dedication is the mantra of success; know this from the life story of Shashank Mishra

In the world of choosing the pre-drawn paths, there are some individuals who make their own path and excel in it. Life is not only about living in your comfort zone but breaking it and making your own desired world. Every one of us has a dream but how many of us try to fulfil them and hustle to work for them. Barely any, Right? The ones who are remembered in this world and have contributed to the world have followed their dream and worked for it. Today we will introduce you to one such eminent personality who is born with a silver spoon but has made his path through his own hard work and desire.

Mr Shashank Mishra son of Mr Janardhan Mishra and Mrs.Malani Vijaya Kumari who are one of the most renowned BJP politicians in India is an entrepreneur at the age of 20. Shashank was born on the 10th of October 1999, being in such a young age he has achieved many things through his own hard work. He is Studying from IIT with computer science as his mainstream and has completed a diploma in Ethical Hacking from London University.

He is an entrepreneur, a politician; he is into aviation, automotive and lifestyle. He has business into Real Estate, Agriculture and Pharmacy, liquor, and Chemical industries. Shashank is also a profound stock market and real estate investor. He holds a position of as a Vice president of the National BJP Executive team and State Substitute Administration President of BJP Sangathan. Thinking to start a business is a big deal in itself and moving ahead in it is a matter of courage. Life of an entrepreneur is not a cakewalk it is full of challenges and hardships. He beliefs reading helps a person to grow and it opens the door of opportunities.

As business is changing Mr.Shashank has faith that the new companies will raise high in the near future and will help our nation to grow as he is belives in “sabka sath sabka vikaas” as said by our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi so is too inclined in investing into new startups.

Entrepreneurship is filled with up and downs, one should be able to accept that and move ahead with full motivation to grow and rise. Mr Shashank Mishra has achieved a good position in his business and politics and so stands as a role model for the young generation of our country.

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