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Digital Groovers: Sukhpreet Singh is here to groove your media appearance

The most discussed social phenomena, the most rapidly growing industry and the future holder of numerous brands and public figures is Digital Content Creator. Ninety-one percent of business-to-business professionals use content marketing as part of their strategy. In this fast-paced world to get oneself recognized amongst the crowd one needs to have not only great skill but a top-notch content writer who would work towards transforming the individual into a public figure. 

Sukhpreet Singh who is known for his diligence moves has taken his marketing website DigitalGroovers.com at the zenith. Digital Groovers are here with the motive caters to public relations, article publishing, social media accounts handling, content management with an endless list of services. Sukhpreet Singh has achieved great heights in this field through his immense experience in the media industry. 

Groovers are majorly known for their works including article publications, Public Relations, brand imaging, social media handlings, SEO, website creators, and many more.

He did his bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar followed by a PG Diploma from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He did his master’s from Kurukshetra University in Journalism and Mass Communication. After this he worked in Hindustan Times for two years with another three-year experience of working in The Daily Post and is currently working as a Digital Creator and Influencer. His caliber and hard works paid off as Singh is not only famous in India but also at overseas. Singh is a contemporary serving myriad of clients in America, Canada and Dubai.

Thousands of people follow him, like him, and listen to his opinions. So, there's no wonder brands successfully cooperate with influencers for promotion and great content. From celebrities to politicians to big brands to small business; they all need content writers to tell them what to say and what not to, what to show in public and how to stay in the eyes of the public. With his upcoming agency he is set to turn next door brands and individuals into public icons. Sukhpreet Singh without any doubt has genuine skills for engaging audiences and producing quality content and his previous work speaks for himself.

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