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Digital Marketer Mahesh Reddy Is An Inspiration For New Comers

There are many interesting sectors that are fast-growing but one of the best sectors is Digital Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing. It is a vast and constantly growing field. Digital Media Marketing expert Mahesh Reddy is one of the most leading names in this sector. He is from Latur, Maharashtra and he has established his name in the industry very quickly. He is the founder and director of It’s My Design and is Editor In Chief - Times Of Democracy & TOD Marathi. Let’s have a look at how he achieved his goals.

Mahesh Reddy has done his schooling from Deshikendra, Latur and later he has completed his Masters in Journalism. In today’s times it’s very important to do the right PR and right marketing at the right time. PR is actually a tough task to do but a sharp mind, amazing skills and confidence is all you need to make it happen. Reddy, learned this fact quickly and with his intelligence and skills he started working as a social media and digital media marketer. He has done PR for many people from various fields like Education, Fashion, Food, Health and Political PR until now. He soon established his own company – ‘It’s My Design’ and he is also The Editor In Chief - Times Of Democracy & TOD Marathi. His It’s My Design company has completed five years on 24th May 2021. Since the time he started working he has been doing amazing work which made him more and more successful in the field.

After working in the industry for so many years he has gathered a lot of experience and is enriched with knowledge. While talking about his experience he says he loves working in this industry it makes him meet various kinds of people and planning out the strategies for their PR and marketing is altogether a different and a new experience every time and it’s always interesting. When asked about what message he would like to give to newcomers in the Digital Media Marketing Mahesh Reddy shared many amazing secrets. He said “Today, the major aspect of marketing/promotions is Digital Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Learning its importance is a necessity these days. It’s very important to do your research properly about all the possible aspects. Knowing your target audience is a must. There are multiple layers and things in working in digital media marketing and in social media marketing/management. You have to understand it properly. Identifying and grabbing the correct opportunities at the correct time is a must.”

Your consistency is very important in order to succeed in any field. Of course, hard work is important but if you can combine it with smart work then nothing but miracles happen. With the continuous hard yet smart work Mahesh Reddy has earned a lot of respect and fame as a Digital Media Marketer and as a Social Media Marketer. His work and his success speaks for him.

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