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Director Nitin Jani And Producer Tarun Jani Inspire Us To Dream Big

Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani are popular names in the film industries.

They have directed, produced and written a lot of films and shows.

Nitin and Tarun have been working in the industry for the

past 10 years and have made a remarkable contribution.

They have recently made a Gujarati film called Aavuj Reshe

which did wonder after its release. Nitin Jani started ana

own YouTube channel called “Jigli and Khajur”, “Khajur Bhai”,

“Jigli and Khajur VLOG”, & “Khajur Bhai Ni Moj”

He became a sensation overnight in Gujarat and

his YouTube channel became one of the top channels in Gujarat.

The Jani brothers have millions of followers and crores

of views on their YouTube channel. His followers are always

eagerly waiting for them to upload a new video. 

Apart from this, Nitin and Tarun have also worked in

several Star Plus and Colors TV shows.

Their play called 'Khajur Nu Swayamwar' has been

appreciated nationally as well as, at international levels.

With their talent and hard work, the Jani brothers

have come a long way and are unstoppable.

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