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Divyam Agarwal, a successful Artist in the entertainment industry because of his flourishing companies

Nowadays calling yourself an Artist and influencer is pretty easy as most people think that it is not a career choice to be taken seriously or one that is sufficiently profitable. Divyam Agarwal stands as a clear example of negating search believe. Divyam is first Artist who has made a prominent name for himself in the world of multimedia. He is the founder of three companies, namely SWAGGER DEEVS, The Real Preneur, and Deevs Mp3.

SWAGGER DEEVS is quickly growing as one of the best digital marketing companies even on a global scale. Their services, which include the likes of website development, app creation, and branding to name just a few- are indispensable for any brand that wishes to accelerate its growth and reach a greater audience. The Real Preneur, on the other hand, is a leading news portal that offers top daily news content on politics entertainment sports, and much more from only the best research and most accurate sources.

However, Deevs Mp3 is indisputably the most well-known venture of Divyam. Deevs Mp3 is an artist management and marketing agency that has helped many singers and actors realize their dreams. Because of his involvement in the entertainment industry, Divyam himself has been one of the successful clients of Deevs Mp3.

He has collaborated with several artists and has released quite a number of hits during his musical career. You must already be knowing some of his past songs but stay tuned because Deevs Mp3 is soon to release their second collaboration with Ashrul Hussain in the song Ye Jaan Tere Naam.

Born and brought up in Bareilly Divyam comes from a small town but his intentions and dreams were never small. He celebrates his birthday on the 9th of August and was born in the year 2001. This implies is that at an age of just twenty Divyam has already got a hold of the stars both figuratively and literally. Even though there are many naysayers Divyam has proved that age is of no concern when you have talent and passion. Possessing both these qualities, Divyam has put in his 100% effort so as to make his dreams into reality.

Divyam’s journey to the top is really quite inspirational. He is looked up to by many people as one of the best Artists that our country has today. His ever-progressing goals and motivation to follow through with them inspires the youth of the nation to also start out on their success stories. Presently Divyam is working to released several songs and collaboration with some of the top influencers on Philips of the entertainment industry.

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