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Dixita Wagheshwari, popularly known as RJ Dixi describes her profession in the best way possible!

As kids, we all loved to go to school but did not like waking up early. The same became the case in adulthood that going to the office became fun but the long working hours became a strenuous schedule. While every working person struggles to beat the Monday blues and mid-week blues, RJ Dixi loves the work that she does daily. And why not? Unlike the typical corporate setup, her work demands more creativity, spontaneity, humour and of course lots of interaction.

Being a radio jockey for more than a decade, the RJ has evolved and became a prominent media personality in Gujarat, thanks to her interactive communication skills with the audience. Originally known by the name Dixita Wagheshwari, she has made a place for herself as one of the influential personalities in the industry. In her career of more than ten years, the RJ has hosted events on-air by entertaining and informing the audience about the ongoing trends in India and around the world.

The well-known RJ went on to say that these ten years passed in a jiffy. She then said, “My profession is not a typical desk job. Rather it is more fun and demands creativity at different levels. Interacting with listeners from all over the state, doing branded campaigns on-air and collaborating with different artists at the radio stations makes my work more of a fun session and less of hectic work life.” RJ Dixi is currently working at Radio City 91.1 FM in Vadodara.

Furthermore, RJ Dixi revealed that her work never feels like a monotonous job schedule. “Every day there is something new to learn, either from a person or from any experience at work. There are so many stories I have heard during my stint as an RJ, and I feel elated to choose this profession rather than the 9 to 5 job”, added the RJ. Started from the bottom, RJ Dixi has gone ahead to have a prime time show of her own and is widely adored and loved by the audience from all over Gujarat.

In the past, RJ Dixi was appointed as the Brand Ambassador by the Gujarat Election Commission. The core reason behind it was to inform people about the significance of voting during the elections. Apart from this, she has time and again utilized the radio platform to raise awareness about ongoing issues in the country. Even during the coronavirus crisis, RJ Dixi has led various initiatives through the radio platform, and her pursuit to reach out to a larger audience has helped her gain immense momentum among other media personalities in Gujarat.

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