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DJ Hans aka Kulvir Singh Hans is considered the best DJ in all of North America

Punjabi music is one of the most exciting and fun music of all. It is popular worldwide in many countries and not only among desi people but foreigners too. Kulvir Singh Hans aka DJ Hans is one of that most important DJ Artist who has, mixed the fusion of Punjabi music with his DJing skills and made it popular worldwide. Coming from Chandigarh, India DJ Hans has now become a top name because of his popularity among the music lovers.

DJ Hans aka Kulvir Singh Hans is considered the best DJ in all of North America. But before his success and popularity, he too had to work hard to get to this point in his life. At first, while starting at DJing he used to perform at small events and marriage parties etc. This favored him in a very good way and his tremendous Djing skills caught the attention of so many people. Things eventually worked out for him and he got the bigger opportunities that he amazingly utilized and proved himself as one of the best Dj. Currently, he is one of the topmost demanding Indian/Punjabi  DJs in the world. He has worked with the big music labels like Speed records. Many top-class musicians and singers like Imran khan, Mankirt Aulakh, Afsana khan, Bohemia have worked with him.

He is recognized by top Punjabi artists like Sidhu moose wala, Sharry mann, Dilpreet Dhillon, and many more. With his amazing skill set and understanding of modern music, he has grabbed his audience all around the world. Hence Dj Hans has performed in many countries like Mexico, Thailand, Sweden, Australia, and all around the USA. Kulvir Singh Hans aka DJ Hans has now become an international sensation of music, He is loved by people all over the world and his popularity is growing rapidly with each day. He is truly the King of Punjabi Music.

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