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Do hard-work, believe in God and keep moving – Aakansha Jangir

“The unique thing about India is it’s diversity and young demographic. This is reflected in the creator ecosystem too, where…

Do hard-work, believe in God and keep moving – Aakansha Jangir

“The unique thing about India is it’s diversity and young demographic. This is reflected in the creator ecosystem too, where young people are pursuing their passions and driving trends,” says Manish Chopra, director and head of partnering at Facebook India, which owns Instagram.

Every creator’s journey from zero to millions of followers is different. There are many influencers who have taken good control over people’s minds and their hearts with their influencing power. Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram & MX TakaTak are among the top platforms where influencers are being recognized. Influencers struggle a lot and dedicate too much time to social media making short videos. “Do what you love and you will never work a day in life” holds true to influencers who are really passionate about their work and one such passionate influencer is Aakansha Jangir who is enjoying 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 4 million on MX TakaTak. Aakansha Jangir also known as ‘Parimomo’, has influenced millions of people across the world through her Rajasthani dance videos, lip sync videos and by promoting Rajasthani traditional attire, saree. Aakansha says, “I am very attached to Rajasthan’s rich culture and believe in proselytizing its classic wear.”

Well, the power of these short video apps has helped transform the lives of people who started out their journey as an anonymous being. The introduction of reels has helped in many ways. So has the pandemic. Aakansha shares, “I was getting not so bad response on my videos prior to pandemic but the kind of captive audience I got during the covid months proved bombshell to me, something which I never dreamed of. I don’t know about others but this epidemic proved to be great for me.” There are few faces and souls which people like to see on a daily basis and Aakansha, the dancing enthusiast is one of them who is gaining a lot of Fame and popularity from all around by taking over people’s viewing choices and things which they like or which they don’t.

When Akanksha was asked about the benefits of being an influencer she replied,”There are many but appreciation and recognition are the foremost perks which matters a lot to me. What could be better than getting your own place and name in the market. Being praised for my work is what pushes me more to do further. My hard work paid off when I came to the insight of a brilliant singer Mika Singh and a few other celebrities. By God’s mercy, I would like to work with famous personalities and do daily soaps. Besides, I have signed up with Amazon as well which is also a great accomplishment for me.”

Aakansha’s advice to budding influencers:

Well, becoming an influencer is not that difficult if you are considerate and deliberate in what you do. I would say be consistent and keep patience. Everything takes time and everything demands hard work. You just need to follow your passion. Just focus on your work & don’t worry about the results. Your target should be your audience at what kind of content they respond well to, if you are specific in this case then you are more likely to win the hearts of all. Besides, you should be passionate about your niche, this is something you must be interested in.

Aakansha’s keys to success:

My key to success is Persistence and consistency. You know, I didn’t get a single penny even for a few months after starting making short videos on MX TakaTak and Instagram but I didn’t give up no matter what. Now that I have come quite a long way, I realized that it is true that hardwork is the key to success. It’s really hard in the beginning when you don’t get enough likes or views or comments but stick with whatever you are doing, who you are and what you want from your life. To become a successful influencer it is very important to know your worth because you are not less than anyone and never doubt yourself.

Aakansha’s aim in life:

At first, I started making short videos on Likee app and gained a huge popularity. Afterwards I joined Tik Tok because of its craze among people and got a very good response there too. But when they got banned, I began connecting with people through MX TakaTak and Instagram. Now, I have come quite far, I want to go even further. It has been my dream to become a star. I want to become an actress, a daily soap heroine and a reality show star. Apart from this, I have a keen desire to establish my business in the fashion industry and am even planning to make this happen soon.