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Dr. Lita Mohapatra: Visionary, Charismatic, Technology-driven, Doctor and Women entrepreneur

Albert Schweitzer said that “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” This holds true for a health icon and a successful woman entrepreneur Dr Lita Mohapatra, who has accomplished every task she has ever worked for.

Though it was a virtual interview but I could feel the amazing energy levels of very charming Dr Lita, full of energy, ideas and talking about innovation. She is a combination of great scientific skills and charismatic personality which personifies through her work.  Her dedication towards the company progress, achievements and vision is unparalleled. She is the founder of Indian Start-up LosJovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd Company, which is based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. She is MBBS, double Masters in Medicine (Australia) and also fellow in Aesthetic Medicine. She is very progressive in her ideas and within a short span of a year managed to bag several awards, recognition and prestigious Government of India Award, Research grant for her company.

Please share your experiences and business strategies during this COVID crisis?

Dr Lita states “that when it was announced by the Government that there has been a COVID positive case in my state, everything was shut down including my office”. The numbers started growing and we are still fighting an unknown virus waiting for a vaccine. She further states that this year she is focussing on realigning her business in such a way that focus is on prioritising usage of company resources for important business growth needs. With unlock phases setting in she states that “I make maximum use of the limited working hours to balance clinic work and business”. She further states that “developing adaptability to changing situation in a positive manner is very essential for business growth “.

How would you describe your journey as a woman entrepreneur?

Dr Lita states that “my journey has been like a dream”. I am dreamer, I believe in hard, intelligent and smart working to meet my targets. I always imagined creating new innovations and each day I work towards it. I call myself a Meraki “someone who puts her heart, soul, creativity and a reflection of herself into her work”. I started my company not just for the purpose of earning money but at the same time to create impact to bring about a change through “innovation” which would benefit the society. Over three and half decades of life I have lived on this planet, every 10 years has taught me new things. I am still curious like a 10 year old, an active learner like an adolescent and mature like an adult. Each of these version of me help support my growth as an entrepreneur.

About the Founder

An MBBS and double Master of Medicine from Australia, & Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Lita Mohapatra’s fascination for aesthetic medicine & cosmetology came from her mantra of travelling the road less taken. She has been successfully working on revolutionary stem cell treatments for hyperpigmentation. Dr. Mohapatra has striven forward excellence culminating into establishing her own entrepreneurial venture Losjovenes Clinilogic Pvt. Ltd. Ascending so many stages of success on the rungs of hard work and perseverance, Dr. Mohapatra has earned many laurels for herself such as Times Health Icon in July 2019, India Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine in December 2019, India Excellence as Woman Entrepreneur in Holistic Healthcare  in December 2019, felicitation as Top Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of Odisha BY KIIT TBI in February 2020.

Going forward

At present the company is at the stage to launch some products this year, and post BIRAC’s Biotech Ignition Grant, incubating at KIIT TBI, it would focus on raising funds for scale up and product launch. The founder is looking at initially targeting product distribution in South East Asian countries and further penetration to global market.

We wish success in her journey as an entrepreneur and in all her endeavours.

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