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Dr Neh Srivastava- The President of CSSOS and a principled policymaker

Dr Neh Srivastava is a civil servant who is the president of the Central Secretariat Services Officers Society (CSSOS) under the Ministry in Home Affairs. Apart from being a renowned author and environmentalist, he is also a social activist and a very famous keynote speaker. In his career, Dr Neh Srivastava has held many important portfolios like Commerce and Textile, Prasar Bharti and as DG of Foreign trade under the govt. of India.

As a policymaker, his contribution to the improvement of the nation is always implemented on the thought of benefitting the general public and his efforts are really appreciated by the government. Over the years, he has gained immense knowledge and experience in the fields of Administration, Management, Planning, Legal, Finance, Policy making and implementation. He aims to be the voice of the underprivileged. Dr Neh Srivastava has numerous certifications in management and administration such as Export Marketing, EXIM Policy, Procedure, Marketing & Documentation and WTO SPS Agreement.

One of Dr Neh Srivastava’s major policy implementations was back in the year 2019. At that time, the country's real estate field was sinking so his policy implementation gave boost and support to the real estate market as a whole. His suggestion had relieved several realtors who were struggling with over 2-year tax exemption on notional rent on unsold homes. When the government extended the tax waiver on notional rent on such flats for two years since last year, it helped several realtors, especially in the NCR and MMR zones.

In his career of over 20 years, he has achieved several milestones. Dr Neh Srivastava has received the Honor of Doctorate in STRATEGIC PLANNING in the 3rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research Trends in Arts, Science, Engineering & Technology [ICMRTASET – 2019] from California Public University, USA. He has also received the Excellent Professional achievement award in the year 2020. In 2019, he was the receiver of the Bharat Shaurya Shri Award. In the year 2018, he was the guest of honour in the youth achievement award and also the State Convener of "Swach Bharat Abhiyan" State of Uttar Pradesh (Sanitation) in 2018.

Dr Neh Srivastava has always worked for the betterment of the country so we, the GOI and the people of India look forward to him for a better, developed and advanced India. To know more you can simply follow Neh Srivastava on Instagram, Twitter, website & LinkedIn. (Link given below)
Facebook: - https://facebook.com/NehSrivastavaa
Instagram: - https://instagram.com/nehsrivastavaa/
Twitter: - https://twitter.com/nehsrivastavaa
Website: - www.nehsrivastava.i

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