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Eco-Friendly solutions could save the future – Himansh Verma

The alarming situations are giving us a warning that our future will not be able to survive if the Earth's deterioration will continue at the same pace. Our flora and fauna are on the verge of extinction, and there is an urgent need to bring eco-friendly solutions so that we can preserve nature's beauty by providing a greener, cleaner, and safer place to live. So many companies are taking a step ahead towards bringing the zero harm technologies. Navrattan Group is one such business group led by Himansh Verma, who is continuously working on bringing the novel technologies for the betterment of our Earth.

The Group is presently working with six verticals - Navrattan Infra Pvt. Ltd, Navrattan Holdings Ltd., Navrattan USA Inc, Navrattan Green Power Co. Ltd. Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. and Navrattan Science and Technology KFT. All the companies under the banner are working hard to produce alternatives to present pollution problems. 

The Group is presently involved in acquiring Intellectual Property rights of various science and technology innovations from all over the world. Their main projects include Navrattan Green Crete, which is going to be launch soon in the Indian Markets. Navrattan Green Crete is a revolutionary innovation in the construction industry. It is much more durable and stronger than Portland cement. Not only this, but it is an eco-friendly cement alternative for a sustainable future. The product does not require any big set-ups or utilize energy-intensive kilns. Unlike Portland cement, which is the second major cause of carbon emission into the atmosphere. For each ton of Portland cement produced a considerable amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere, thus severely polluting the air.

Navrattan Green Crete exhibits many structural qualities and benefits over the OPC. Hydrophobic in nature, the Green Crete is ideal for use in waterproofing, pipe coatings, dams, spillways, underwater construction, basements, and structures that are exposed to wet climatic conditions. The 100% ‘Green’ Crete does not pollute the Earth and substantially helps to lower the carbon in the atmosphere.

The product, Navrattan Green Crete is a revolution in the construction industry. The Crete does not use limestone and the subsequent burning and baking process, which generates the maximum amount of pollution. The raw material used for the manufacture of the Crete includes 90% of waste materials and 10% the unique, innovative formula. Once this product is in the market, it will change the face of the cement industry and provide us an entirely eco-friendly alternative.

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