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Entrepreneur Ahmad Anwar concern about the effect on automobile service amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a swift and severe impact on the globally integrated automotive industry. Symptoms include a disruption in Chinese parts exports, large scale manufacturing interruptions across Europe, and the closure of assembly plants in the United States. This is placing intense pressure on an industry already coping with a downshift in global demand, and likely leading to increased merger & acquisition activity.

Ahmad Anwar, owner of Sivasa motor which is based in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh automobile firm of dealerships under different brands across Uttar Pradesh. Ahmad, a first-generation entrepreneur who first ventured into finance business and then moved into used car selling, did not have any know-how about automobile business. But his firm belief and sound business ethics led him to turn the tables every time challenges cropped in Ahmad is the Automotive Sector leader with Sivasa motor in the auto mobile industry. In his leadership role, Ahmad guides strategy across the Uttar Pradesh network of Shivasa Motor Automotive professionals to ensure high-value approaches to client engagements and solutions.

Ahmad Anwar is a name to reckon with in the field of Auto Mobile Service for the past 10 years through his association with clients. Through his ability to manage and motivate, he has been able to build a synchronized team of professionals who help him in his ventures.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed humanity and the global economy into a c In response, most of the companies are starving research and development (R&D) funding to sustain core operations and potentially setting back the progress made on alternate fuel and mobility technologies by 2-4 quarters. Eventually, some companies may even choose to take a strategic call to exit unprofitable markets and vehicle segments. Said Ahmad Anwar…

His humanitarian spirit is no less worthy of mentioning. He works to provide quality education for the children belonging to the poorer sections of the society. Through its multiple programs.

We will get greater visibility by the end of this year but the real and sustainable solution I would like to hope and believe will be in 2021.’

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