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Entrepreneur Andrej Rusakov moves from investment banking into the field of technology

The world has entered the third decade of the 21st century, and science and technology have truly seen a revolution. Next-gen leaders and investors are now looking to Andrej Rusakov, an entrepreneur in the technological field, as their inspiration.

Rusakov is a co-founding partner and seed investor in Data Capital Management, an algorithmic hedge fund built on novel big data technologies, real-time data feeds, and artificial intelligence (AI).

He has always viewed education as a highly important part of life, and he currently provides support to students through his charitable scholastic initiatives. He has earned an MSc in Mathematics (Statistics and Theory of Probabilities) from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, and, later, an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Whilst studying, Rusakov made his foray into real estate investments after observing the inefficient market in Moscow in the early 2000s. He built up a team to understand the local real estate investment opportunities, and he monitored the market conditions, eventually minting millions of dollars. Over time, he has developed a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of real estate.

After deciding to start learning about investment banking, he taught himself GAAP and IFRS accounting, economics, and finance. A job at Morgan Stanley’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) department in London gave him the opportunity to make the right investments in the right places, making him one of the most bankable entrepreneurs.

Rusakov has then stepped back from M&A in order to join the technology investment team of Apax Partners, considered the largest private equity firm in Europe at the time of his move.

In addition to this, his tenure at Harvard Business School is impressive to say the least. The entrepreneur raised 400 million dollars to sponsor local Russian companies that wanted to increase their global presence.

His next project was to launch a healthcare technology company in the USA with the aim of limiting medical errors, using a combination of his technological know-how and a plethora of information from world-class doctors. Making use of his technological knowledge, he is also an advisor to numerous technology companies.

In 2017, he founded the Rusakov Fellowship Fund, which provides sponsorship to promising prospective Harvard students who would otherwise not have the means to study. By empowering the students, Andrej Rusakov has equipped them with the best opportunities to become some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

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