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Entrepreneur Raktim Chatterjee sees success in oxygen supply during covid

Entrepreneur Raktim Chatterjee looks success on building oxygen plant with Durgapur steel plant because the deal is signed Successful. According to the sources this is came to know that he has build up all the needful contracts to help in building the oxygen plant with Durgapur steel plant . The directors of the latter decided to sign the agreement. It's very helpful for all the senior citizens and patients who were seeking for oxygen supply during covid quarantine period. As the third wave is approaching next, it's been said that oxygen will be generated from all the hospitals and medical facilities. So in the verge of oxygen scarcity Entrepreneur Raktim Chatterjee makes this decision fruitful.

Raktim Chatterjee recently had took the tender by govt of India ' Durgapur Steel plant to build the Oxygen plant over there to help and process oxygen scarcity during covid times. So in the coming days, we can expect there will be no shortage of oxygen supply duecto this noble initiative by him.

Some people are always aiming to go beyond boundaries and believe in trying out everything to become a success story. One such individual is an Indian businessman and founder and chairman of The Nexuse Group Ltd, Raktim Dey Chatterjee. After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, he worked as a research associate at the IIMT. The Nexuse Group today deals in various sectors which include real estate, investment, banking, sciences, etc. He has emerged as a classic example of a man who struggled hard and went on to achieve all his desires as an entrepreneur. He believes that hard work and dedication is the key to his success.

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