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Entrepreneur Sahil Kothari, Empowers, Enriches and Elevates Lives

Sahil, the founder of “Sahil Kothari Training & Consultancy”, a strong believer of the Law of Attraction, was determined that with keenness to do something, intention to derive full focus, and ignoring everything around him, the results of his efforts are bound to show up.

Hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal, Sahil completed his schooling at St Paul’s, Darjeeling, and B.Com. from Bhawanipur College, Kolkata. Though he opted for Chartered Accountancy, he later realized that it wasn’t his cup of tea—but it wouldn’t be easy to leave it as well, without being criticized for his decision. Amidst the humongous pressure of belonging to a middle-class family and the societal pressure of settling in life, he was determined to do something of his own. The perks of doing the typical 9–6 job didn’t quite fascinate him and he continued fostering thoughts of doing something of his own; a new idea was to be born soon.

During this time, he came across a book—Secret; the concept of Law of Attraction amazed him. This gave him the courage to leave his Dubai job and CA studies midway, in 2016. Although bombarded with heavy criticism, he exactly followed whatever was written in the book: “If you are keen to do something and can derive full focus, ignore everything around you and the results are bound to show up.” When he started getting small results, he began posting his Law of Attraction experiences and manifestations on various Facebook pages, blogs, and WhatsApp groups.

Soon, people, upon coming across this amazing content, started approaching him for one-on-one coaching—that’s when he realized the power of digitalization and online learning. Observing the growth and success of his idea, he gave birth to a new venture—Sahil Kothari Training & Consultancy—with the intention of providing high-quality training at the lowest possible cost. Promoting his courses, he managed to get only 10 students for the first workshop. Instead of being disheartened, he took it as a motivation and kept giving his best. Seeing his efforts and through word of mouth, more and more people started joining his workshops.

Today, training over thousands of students every month in subjects of psychology, mind power, health and wellness, and occult science, Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy has catered to over 50,000 students across the globe since 2018. When asked about what message he would like to give the young start-ups through his journey, he confidently replied, “Well, with cut-throat competitions come numerous challenges. The key thing is your intent. Set your intentions of what you want to achieve and in what duration. Never doubt your intention; just focus on the solution—not the problem. Practicing this will give you tremendous results and you miraculously will find your path.”

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