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Everything You Should Know About Fitness Freak Stephen Campolo

Stephen Campolo has carved a name for himself in the fitness niche as one of the best weight-loss experts out there; this was possible not only because of his result-driven programs but also because of his journey to fitness.

Early years

Most kids and young adults suffer from being overweight, Stephen was one of them. All through grade school, Stephen didn't like the way he looked or felt, so in high school, he decided to make a change. 

He took a step to better his health and image. Little did he know that this would start a sequence of events over the next couple of years that would ultimately change his life. 

Weeks passed by, and Stephen became obsessed with seeing his body change. He was eager to learn about human anatomy, nutrition, and weight training. Eventually, Stephen landed his first job; as a cleaning boy at Gold's Gym. 

Stephens's new job required him to clean bathrooms and gym equipment, but this didn't deter him at all. He loved the atmosphere, and being around the bodybuilders taught him a lot about weight loss.

The 9-5

Stephen went on to college and got a bachelor's degree! Immediately, he secured a job in the corporate world. It was the regular 9-5 cubicle Type job. This continued for two years, and Stephen was miserable most of the time. 

He knew that wasn't the life meant for him, but he was at a loss on what to do. During this time, his mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer; he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. 

New opportunities 

Time passed, and a friend of Stephen noticed his toned physique and invited him to work at a prominent country club. This was an excellent opportunity for Stephen to learn more about fitness and earn at the same time.

He ditched his old Job and started work at the Country club. Here he trained some of the most influential individuals in the country, including various CEOs and celebrities. 

Stephen is the product of fifteen years of trial and error; he has discovered the secrets to losing weight and getting fit.

Recently, Stephen announced the launch of his 12-week transformation contest. The winner will get a brand new car and their dream body.  He's also part of an ongoing project with a Hollywood celebrity; they are working on a fitness program that will be announced over the next few months.

Dominating Your Field

Loving what you do is essential if you plan on dominating your field. According to Stephen, if you get into a business in a specific area, just for monetary reasons, you won't last long.  

For two years, Stephen worked for free. All he did was to make sure he provided value and create excellent content. He truly loved helping and coaching others. 

The financial rewards came later on. 

"You need to be willing to be a student of patience and consistency before you can rest the rewards of financial and material success" - Stephen. 

If you want to reach out to Stephen he's quite active on Instagram;  @stephencampolo

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