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Faridabad Based Rappers MAHCHOW, ‘Sky Meri jaan’ and MNDP blow up the scene with their new single “Cheer-Faad”

Rap Music is making moves all around the world, and same goes for India as well. With many mainstream rappers making a huge name at both national and global level, The underground scene in India is surely not to miss out for as it continuously keeps surprising you with their Over-The-Top skills that will surely leave you scratching your heads. While the underground scene in India continuous to thrive, Faridabad based rappers MAHCHOW, Sky Meri Jaan and MNDP have blown up the whole scene with the release of their new single, Produced by NYN Music and Directed By Vivek Vision.

The track starts of with a beautiful Guitar Melody that really gives it a vintage feel. Mahchow enters the beat with an absolute killer flow, and proceeds to spit mind Boggling Bars. Well you cannot miss the visuals of the song exceptionally directed by Vivek Vision as the Faridabad based rapper continuously raps on a Trap Beat Effortlessly. The song then proceeds towards its Hook which is extremely addictive and will surely fit into your Heads. The song then transitions on to Mahchow's second verse in which he carries on an impeccable rhyme scheme. Then another F City based rapper Sky Meri Jaan enters on the beat with a swag and reps his lines as he glides on the beat as smooth as knife on butter. The Ad libs in the background with auto tune and reverb shines in sky’s verse as he completely takes the song to another level.

As the hook comes again you start vibing a lot to the track, but as soon as you think the track is about to end, Mandeep who goes by the artist name Mndp enters the beat and completely destroys the beat living up to his name of “Bars Devta” (God Of Bars) as called by many in the scene. Mandeep’s blend of Hindi and Punjabi makes his verse powerful and impactful. All the rappers collectively have done an impressive job but much credit goes to the producer NYN Music whose beat production gave this track a nice vintage and bumpy feel. Also director Vivek Vision’s Beautiful cinematography and direction does justice to the audio of the track. Overall, it’s a great team effort that made this song blow up the scene so hard that people are still vibing to this.

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