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Farmer’s market comes online via WheatRoot’s digital services

With everything turning digital, people have been looking for the simplest of the services to come online. Let it be buying clothes or purchasing fruits, it’s strife to get it all in just one click. While there are a lot of options for the former, WheatRoot brings the one for the latter. Yielding services to produce fruits and vegetables, WheatRoot procures them at the comfort of your home.

WheatRoot is the brainchild of three 22-year-old geniuses with Mayank Gupta as the CEO, co-founded by Gopesh Sharma who is also the operations head, and Neeraj Garg. These hard-working men have shown the most extreme commitment to dispatch the first-of-its-sort stage to procure farm goods. The organization is wanting to construct an FnV conveyance framework that is favorable, reasonable, and customer pleasant. By bringing all the free road sellers under one rooftop, they are taking in a great concentration to amalgamate a harmonious connection between the ranchers and the buyers by consolidating innovation into the rural business.

Having realized that the market of Retail of FnV products is huge but unorganized, WheatRoot plans to manage the segment with a market capitalization of more than 2 lakh crore.  WheatRoot focuses on integrating the online with the offline. Offering customers an option to buy vegetables online, ensure that the product is hand picked and fresh. They understand that organizing this segment will unite thousands of individuals under one umbrella, creating an ecosystem of its own.

The orders arrive at the client's doorstep without them shuffling among business sectors and haggle at the costs. They are on an undertaking to digitize the old street dispersing plan of the century, from road distribution to the e-showcasing, beating any issues between a farmer, a seller, and a customer, figuring out the entire climate and playing out a smooth and sound eating routine.

Understanding the market through proper research, they have realized that their potential buyers lie among the age groups of 17-60 out of which 70 percent are women. They modulate their services accordingly and make them user-friendly. Undoubtedly, WheatRoot is bringing a well-needed revolution in the market with its digitized services.

Check out WheatRoot's website here.

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