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Fashion Designer Pieter Petros All Set To Enter Btown Fraternity

Pieter Petros is an energetic personality with an ample number of objectives in life and succeeding in the designing field in less time, he is stepping into the Bollywood. Having dreams about designing field, he is of the view that creating a proper theme is an important aspect of the designing industry. Moreover, he affirms that individuals must deal with Mother Nature and the sun is the most astonishing resource which can enlighten the world with its natural light. Correspondingly, he thinks natural light as an important factor for manufacturing and the logistics procedure of any clothing association.

He embarked his career in the year 2016 and accomplished various accreditations such as PIETER PETROS ®, World Love®, and PP Collection. The designs he creates are different from the rest of the world as he gives priority to sustainability. Also, his superior outfits for clients are made up of natural and eco-friendly materials like bamboo, silk, linen, cotton, wool, and Bemberg. Similarly, t-shirts made under his influence represents positivity and inspire people the world over. Having pure dedication towards his business, he is all set to come up with eminent people of Bollywood to aware people about sustainability and its benefits.

In the present scenario, everyone is attracted by the Bollywood, likewise, he also got encouraged and wanted to make a debut by working with the celebrities. For the celebrities, he wants to design influential clothes without disturbing the environment and hence which lifts the confidence of an individual. He is of the view that natural materials represent plant materials and dissolves effectively and thus saving the environment. Moreover, he is all set to provide knowledge about the importance of utilizing natural materials for designing clothes. In his opinion, Bollywood is excelling as several celebrities have already taken an initiative to protect the environment and clothes made from plant materials will be another example worldwide for saving the earth. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity for him to achieve another aim without harming the planet.

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