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“Fashion Is Less Of Following Trends And More Of Creating Them”, Says Blogger Pianka Sharma

Fashion and lifestyle influencers have made blogging as one of the most sought professions in today’s time. Now, one can follow the top bloggers to know the latest updates and trends about the fashion world and one need not spend time searching on google about it. Social media apps have made the lives of people easier to get connected to each other. It has also seen the birth of influencers from various categories. Pianka Sharma is silently establishing her name in the fashion and beauty industry. 

She is a fashion blogger and hails from the capital city of the country, New Delhi. Before becoming an influencer, Pianka worked for a fashion website for 6 months. But later, she realized to start something of her own and that’s when she decided to get into the blogging world. Known for her being a trendsetter, she is one of the top bloggers in New Delhi. “I believe fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear and how you carry yourself.  I describe fashion as less of following trends and more of creating them. It is very easy to imitate someone’s fashion and style but being unique is not everyone’s cup of tea”, said Pianka Sharma.

Well, we agree that to stay relevant, one must be unique and bring out of the box content on social media. The young blogger feels that the digital medium has helped her connect to a larger audience where she can share her fashion tips, beauty tips, and the latest trends happening in the market. She has collaborated with many popular brands and now, Pianka is planning to start food blogging as well. Being a hardcore foodie, she will soon be starting with food reviews of the top eateries in and around New Delhi to make her followers aware of the best food in the city. 

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