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Fawaz Jaleel’s Nobody Likes An Outsider Set To Have A Sequel in 2022

India’s new and upcoming author Fawaz Jaleel’s debut novel Nobody Likes An Outsider released in March 2021 and has opened up to positive reviews from readers. The book, a political thriller/mystery set in Bihar ended with a cliff-hanger citing a new case and investigation. The first part of this series is already being considered for a digital adaptation with a couple of Mumbai-based production houses expressing interest.

The yet-to-be-titled sequel will see Yohan Tytler, Ila Qureshi, and Sukumar Azhagu reprise their characters as CBI officers. The investigation will focus on the death of a literary agent connected to top politicians, businessmen, public figures, and other prominent individuals in India.  In the first part, the team investigated the death of a promising young politician, Ashraf Zain- a complete outsider who broke into an unwelcome industry. Despite several oppositions from powerful people, Yohan and the team cracked this thoughtful and informative mystery that is linked to the modern history of Bihar and India.

Some of the readers' comments on Amazon and Goodreads indicate the fast-paced nature and brilliant research that went into this murder mystery. A reader who gave five stars remarked “This book is a perfect blend of suspense, mystery, thrill and political blame-game. The story gives a good picture of the dark face of politics and also reflects some grave social issues.”.   Another reader who gave 5 stars commented, “Modern-day Hercule Poirot with a desi twist. Taking some tasting notes from a Shakespearean tragedy, the book starts very light but as we proceed the darker shades come into the picture. Overall, extremely well written, smooth read and will peak your intrigue and curiosity throughout every page that you read.”

An alumnus of Madras Christian College and Azim Premji University, Fawaz Jaleel has written three short stories apart from Nobody Likes An Outsider.  Apart from the sequel to his first book, Fawaz Jaleel is also working on a satire-drama-thriller that is set in Kerala and will be his second book after Nobody Likes An Outsider.  Fawaz Jaleel who was born in Vilakkudy, Kerala went on live and complete his schooling in Bahrain, an island nation in the Middle east. He attended The New Indian School and The Asian School there. After his college, Fawaz started his career in the Public Health sector and went to work with the Government of India. Along with his writing, Fawaz continues to work as a Senior Brand Manager for an international fintech firm.

Fawaz was unavailable to comment on his book’s digital adaptation and second book. 

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