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Films & Web-series - Blitzig Creative Arts spans out with story tellers from Ukiyoto Publishing

Starting with a fantasy series titled Gunpowder, Ukiyoto Publishing aims to reach the audio visual segments with its productions and story tellers. Gunpowder Series I and II heralds few of the best short stories that can be adapted into films, ott and web-series.

Tamikio L. Dooley, an award winning author from U.S. has her storyline based on one having spirit of nature and enjoying life's imagination. Tamikio writes fiction of crime, mystery, thriller, fantasy, historical fiction, romance, western, and paranormal.

Tanay Sengupta, a 27-year-old for whom writing is a profession as well as passion has co-authored a book and has contributed to a few anthologies. His work in Gunpowder II is worth considering for a visual creation.

21-year old Heenal Hemrajani has her storyline based on Ishana's memory loss post an accident. Ishana has a perfect and loving family but does not know if they are hiding a dark secret till a CBI agent tells her one day that someone was trying to kill her. Heenal has been writing for five years and is working on her first novel, The 9th Immortal: Saviour of the Vedas.

Another young creator, Prateek Boga is a student, poet, writer and a freelance artist. He has written many poems and prefers working on non-fiction. His motivation is 'to try and give a soul to the words'.

Koushik Majumder, who likes to write about human relations and societal issues, has his story about a real estate salesman whose ex-girlfriend married a rich person when he was struggling to get a job and he accidentally comes in contact with her later. The story discusses the mental turmoil that he goes through while selling the apartment and what happens when he meets her again.

Debanjali’s story is about a run-away bride who took hell of a time to decide either to give up on her dreams or to bid adieu to the marriage that may have landed her in an unseen struggle to pursue her career. Yashika is a careerist who didn't think twice to escape from her home on her wedding day speaking her mind to her parents. After seeing failures and taking a risk worth, she finds hope which helps her to establish a career of her own. Debanjali made a mark as an International author in her late twenties but that was just the beginning and she wants to make it big with her stories.

Shrutidhora’s story, The Best Garden is about Fairy-tale binaries of the beautiful and the ugly, the truthful and the liar do not find an exact reflection in reality. Opposites collapse, contrasts slide into one another in this surrealistic story where a suddenly homeless weed, a metaphorical catalyst for a subtle but massive transformation in human lives, arouses desire and attachment in the barren life of a lonely woman, only to leave her with tragic consequences. As truth and untruth masquerade as one another, one cannot discern the distinction between them anymore. Shrutidhora aspires for a reality which is based on fiction, knows fiction as the only form of reality and builds stories which stand at the intersection of reality and fiction.

Falguni Das has a unique storyline, "The Legend of Mount Peri" which is a folklore of an ancient fairy who has a wonderful life along with her few mythical creatures. One day a stranger lands on the island unknowingly what lies inside and since then everything changes. Falguni wrote her first solo title ,“Dimitri” which was released in Jun’20. Adding more to her success stories, Falguni had impressively penned down narratives in two other anthologies within a span of one month.

Abdul's Trichomania is about a passionate lover who makes his deepest and darkest fantasy come true. Abdul is a passionate teacher of literature and creative writing and uses the experience gathered in two decades of interacting with young minds into producing narratives that belong to the horror /thriller genre. 

Akshita’s story, Veere Zone is based on highly exaggerated true events about Turvi, Urmi, Vanaya, and Wishi who are four not-so sane childhood best friends brought together under paternal guidance and their first adventurous all-girls trip. The story is about the crazy journey of how their first all-girls trip was not only a battle against their Indian families but the hilarious odds, the cringy mainstream episodes, and dramatic tales that happened with them there. Akshita is a cynical writer with a comedian in making. Her first novella Two Way Lane is a rom-com story that has been translated into Japanese.

Lakshmi Priya, a poet, painter and postmodernist portrays in her story, The Library as the perfect place for a Bibliophile’s deepest fantasy to come true where a chance encounter which defies the laws of physics changes everything.

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