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Fitness and Fashion influencer, Sushant Pal an inspiration for young and old people

Being an influencer is challenging; developing content, staying current with trends, and understanding consumer perspectives are all difficult tasks. Particularly now that the digital revolution is bringing in new influencers every day. The digital world has created a buzz in our lives because it is the need of the hour. We can get anywhere and everywhere in a matter of minutes. Among such revolutionized times, Sushant Pal is a fitness and fashion influencer who has made a name for himself through a lot of changes.

He has completed his ECE diploma and is now pursuing his B.Tech degree part-time in order to expand his skill set. Along with being a brilliant student, he is also involved in the fitness industry and is a fashion model for both young and old people. He instils in them the importance of exercise in their daily lives and encourages them to practise it at home in order to remain fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

Sushant being into fitness is currently acting as brand ambassador for Blendjet. MuscleBlaze Nutrition, Topman, Amazon.com, Puma India, Levi's, Voylla, The Man Company, Armani Exchange, Topman Jeans, Healthvit Nutrition, Big Muscle Rite Bite Nutrition Bar, Body First Nutrition, and others are among the 500+ major brands with which he has collaborated.

Sushant is interested in sports for which he has received several awards. and his name is included in a number of well-known books. He won a silver medal in the National Capital's Cross Country 2013 event, which was hosted by Delhi University. He has continued to participate in sports such as football and in 2016 he was the goalkeeper for his team in the National Open Championship. Sushant aspires to be a B-town actor with his own production house one day.

Speaking about the body, he said, “Our bodies are temples, and we must always love and take care of them. When we are on our deathbeds, it is only our body that holds us alive; no family member, parent, or friend can support us at that point; it is only our body, mental wellbeing, and a perfect physique that keeps us together.”

His good looks and physique prompted him to compete in fashion pageants, where he won the title of ‘Mr. Cool’ in Delhi in 2018. Talking about following, he has 22k followers who have been inspired by his body and they aspire to have a body similar to his one day.

In order to have a personality like his, one must be committed and strong-willed.

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