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Fitness Influencer Andy Anderson’s Motivational Journey On How He Brought A Positive Change

Andrew Anderson is also known as Andy Anderson is considered one of the most prominent names who have changed the dynamics of the fitness industry. He is the founder and CEO of Ultimate You Fitness – a popular health club in Melbourne, Australia which helps in achieving optimum health and fitness results.  He is passionate about improving lifestyle through a holistic health and fitness approach. He is on a mission to spread awareness across Australia the significance of living a healthy lifestyle through his unique ‘Three Pillars Model of Change Methodology’.

Apart from being a passionate fitness expert and entrepreneur, Andy is also a speaker and a health and nutrition coach whose aim is to influence people and bring a positive change in their lives through fitness. His only motto is “Do what others don’t to get what others won’t.” Going back to his childhood, he spoke about the challenge of being overweight. The only question Andy had that why he gained extra fat when he ate the same food as other kids. With having no motivation to lose the body fat, the little kid learnt with time to eat the right kind of food according to his body and train efficiently. Once he immersed in learning the perfect technique, he got complete control over his body, situation and life.

Throwing light on how fitness has been an integral part of his life, Andy Anderson said, “Fitness to me is everything and affects every aspect of my life. Every day I learn something new about myself when I’m training. Health and fitness are not just about getting into the gym and doing burpees until you cry or eating chicken and rice every day of your life. It’s about growing as a person and developing your mind, body and spirit. It teaches you about discipline, respecting yourself and achievement. The more you master yourself and your mindset, these qualities shine through into business, relationships, family life and more.”

“I look at health and fitness as a badge of honour that tells people, ‘I respect myself, I work hard, I am disciplined and I am in control.’ When you can conquer yourself you can conquer anything”, he further added. With insane 108K followers on Instagram, Andy has brought a change in everyone’s lives through his motivational posts about health and fitness. With a long term picture in his head, his mission was to share strategies with as many people as possible and make a difference on a global scale rather than coaching an individual person. That saw the birth of Ultimate You Fitness. 

Today he owns 15 centres of Ultimate You Fitness across Australia and the biggest advice he has for everyone is to believe in yourself and your vision because no one else will do it for you.

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