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Fresh incident of stone pelting occurs in Hooghly during the BJP’s Shobha Yatra

On April 2nd, 2023, Sunday, a fresh incident of violence erupted in West Bengal’s Hooghly district during the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Shobha Yatra. This incident of stone pelting took place just two days after Howrah witnessed incidents of violence during the Ram Navami celebrations. A similar clash was also reported earlier this week between the two communities. The national vice president of BJP also participated in the Ram Navami’s Shobha Yatra, and the visuals of the procession show people running for safety amid stone-pelting. 


“During the Shobha Yatra of BJP, stones were pelted on childrens and women. State government is taking no such actions even after the Howrah violence. Vehicles are being vandalised and stones are being pelted during the Shobha Yatra” claimed Dilip Ghosh, BJP leader.  West Bengal minister Shashi Panja mentioned that “Violence and arson take place whenever BJP organises any rally. The same thing happened today, during the rally of BJP which was pre-planned by Dilip Ghosh. This has become their tradition. The act of communal riots have increased under the BJP regime, and our party completely condemns this act of BJP”.


The government of West Bengal handed over the probe to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) following the violence during the Ram Navami celebrations in Howrah on Friday. A special team led by Sunil Choudhary, Inspector General of Police had already initiated the investigation. Sukanta Majumdar has written a letter to Union Home Minister, Amit Shah and has requested for immediate help in the state. According to some TV reports, BJP MLA Biman Ghosh was also injured during the stone pelting. The State has witnessed several clashes between the two communities since the beginning of the Hindu festival ‘Ram Navami.’ 


Internet services are suspended in West Bengal’s Hooghly by the government in order to avert after free ruckus and stone pelting erupted during the BJP Shobha Yatra at Rishra. Mamta Banerjee appealed to the people of Hindu and Muslim communities to maintain peace, law and order as she admitted that it was a failure of the police and assured that strict actions will be taken in this regard. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee appealed to the people of both the communities, Hindu and Muslim to maintain peace, law and order in the area as she also admitted that it was a failure on the part of the police and assured that strict actions will be taken in this regard. The compensation will be given by the state government to the people who got affected in the stone pelting incident and vandalism of their shops and houses, as announced by the Trinamool Congress. 


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