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From Startup to a Well Established Organization - Reshant Ghosh, Founder of Anondita Healthcare & Rubbers Product India Pvt. Ltd.

Reshant Ghosh

Reshant Ghosh has mastered to pave the way for success and has been able to achieve a position as a well-known entrepreneur with a vision, regardless of his young age, when many people still find it hard to choose their profession.


With the commendable rise of Anondita Healthcare, Reshant wants when people say 'Cobra', they should mean range of healthcare products. Soon Cobra will be synonymous with 'healthcare in the country. The condoms they manufacture have seductive aroma and exotic flavours including Blueberry, Ice mint, Kacha Aam, Orange, Strawberry, Mint, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Coffee, Bubblegum, Banana, and Paan. Reshant has won many awards like t h e YOUNGEST ENTREPRENEUR AWARD and DELHI EXCEPTIONAL WORK IN HEALTHCARE SINCE 2001 AWARD.


Reshant believes, India is a growing nation and he can generate numerous employment opportunities. He also wants his country, India to be a leading healthcare player in the world. He has complete focus on the present and future needs of people.


Born and brought up in Delhi, Reshant Ghosh (born on 23 May 1996) is a young entrepreneur with a go-getter mindset. Reshant is a big inspiration for many. He is one of the achievers in India who has attained so much of success in a short period of time with a lot of hard work and potential.Anondita Healthcare is making its place in global territories as well, mainly in Ghana and its neighbouring African countries, they are ensuring regular supplies in bulk of high-quality condoms.


Moreover, Poland is one more country on the expansion list of Anondita Healthcare. Reshant has significant future plans and the main goal is to take Anondita Healthcare to all indian homes and make Cobra a regular household name. Reshant savs "India has become the top most populated country. It has crossed China too, the only reason being the lack of knowledge and awareness about contraceptives and it's uses."

Anondita Healthcare has also been praised by the National AIDS Control Society when the whole team visited its manufacturing unit. The company is capturing it's place in the business economy by working as an efficient and effective organization altogether.



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