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Fugitive Businessman Vijay Mallya Slams Netizens For Calling Him “Chor” Over Chris Gayle Pic

West Indies Cricketer Chris Gayle tweeted a photo with Indian Businessman Vijay Mallya where he writes “Great to catch up with Big Boss @TheVijayMallya cheers #RockStar #F1”. After this tweet Netizens took over and heavily trolled Vijay Mallya on Twitter. 

Tweet of Vijay Mallya “Great to catch up with the Universe Boss and my dear friend. For all those of you losers who call me CHOR, ask your own Banks to take their full money that I am offering for the past one year. Then decide on who is CHOR.”

In response Vijay Mallya tweeted “For all those who saw my photo with the universe boss and my dear friend @henrygayle and commented, please pause and get your facts right about my being your CHOR. Ask your Banks why they are not taking 100 percent of the money I have been offering.”

Vijay Mallya, the 63-year-old chief of the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines, has been living in self-imposed exile in Britain since last year and is facing extradition proceedings in the UK courts. Vijay Mallya left India on March 2, 2016, after defaulting on loans amounting to Rs 9,000 crore.

He has repeatedly denied fleeing the country, saying he is ready to pay back the money he owed to the Indian banks. India had in 2017 filed for Mallya's extradition, which he contested. He is out on bail.

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