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Global Federation of Entrepreneurs is a Safe Zone for Indian Exporters who are badly facing Risk in Gulf Countries

Markets and consumers are demanding higher levels of quality in all domains, including transportation and merchandise. Transporting goods is a difficult task, especially when it comes to sensitive things like perishable goods. Catering to these needs of e-business Global Federation Entrepreneurs has set up Special Desk to facilitate Export for helping all the stakeholders deliver their products overseas.

Owing to environmental circumstances perishable goods like animal and meat by-products, fish and seafood, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, flowers, pharmaceutical items, and chemicals quality deteriorates with time.
These items have short life spans due to their chemical and/or physiological features; they are more prone to severe and irreversible damage during transportation, especially if the temperature is not maintained consistently. To protect and retain these products in excellent shape after they reach the final client, they must be handled with extreme caution and efficiency.

Keeping all the factors in mind GFE is the World’s Fastest Growing Export Training & Networking Organization and India’s Biggest Business Network that successfully and meticulously mandates import and export facilities across the globe.

Talking about his mission, Founder & COO of GFE groups, Honey Kumar Sharma said, “We aim at keep changing the lives of people across the globe and to take them to the final destination, which is success and satisfaction that will ultimately fulfill the dreams by doing Improvements in all areas of Life.”

The firm suggests that to Trade perishable goods one must conduct an extensive study into the permits and/or certificates required to import the product. Analyze freight and create a plan that includes the transit time, route, and modes of transportation that are most appropriate for your consignment. Also, decide on good packing for your product during transportation.

Next, look for transportation choices that are appropriate for your consignment, taking into mind the maximum volume allowed, cold-chain amenities, and route transit time. The term "cold chain" refers to temperature-controlled storage and transportation of commodities. It's especially important for perishable goods. It's easy to become perplexed when there are so many options on the market.

Not just do they suggest ways to Export and Import but also focuses on Procurement and Certifications as each country needs a specific set of documents that need to be reviewed before export. Similar to the import procedure, you must assess your transportation alternatives in order to choose the most appropriate model for your items. Remember that your items are perishable and make your selections appropriately. Determine the sort of packaging to use, taking into account the manner of transportation and other factors. To deliver the product, you must first obtain authorization from the carrier, airline, or shipping business.

With extensive knowledge about all of the country's trade legislation, GFE’s team is helping export networking, buyers, suppliers, logistics and e-commerce networking by guiding them about International Business deals and on risks and threats.

Exports Training Division Head - Shivani Poojaray said, Today, GFE is a pioneer in the Indian Trade Industry with more than 38 years of Industry Background and we are Providing effective education through a variety of import-export courses, allied services, and a vast trade network and very soon going to replicate the model in other Countries like Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

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