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Hakim Ziyech Points Out The Distinctions Between Frank Lampard’s Squad And Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea

The football team of Chelsea is known for its brisk and strategic playing approach. Now, Hakim Ziyech explains how the team has gone through more changes, remaining under their new Head Coach Thomas Tuchel.

The Blues have witnessed a tough start of the season, which placed the then team coach Frank Lampard out of charge after 18 months of his service. However, this was the incident that made the arrival of Thomas Tuchel Swiffer.

The German coach has arrived, and an alteration in Chelsea’s gaming approach is being noticed while the team is already on the verge of being moulded into a new shape. The team is now looking more like the squad in Antonio Conte’s period with three wing-backs and central defenders.

According to Hakim Ziyech, alongside adopting a new shape, the team is more inclined towards a gaming style that includes full possession of the ball and sharper attacking tactics. Being descriptive about this matter, in the club’s official website, he uttered that from now, a new Chelsea football team would be witnessed, which will be sharper in attacks, controlling the match for the entire 90 minutes. He also mentioned the team’s endeavour of trying the same in the past two games where the team gained maximum ball possession, generating frequent attacks from there.

When Chelsea faced Tottenham, they were up against a team that loves playing football in counter-attacks, keeping fast players at both sides and staying in a compact formation at the same time. Hence, Chelsea didn’t have many spaces for invading the opponent’s defence. Therefore, the team started playing fast football, gaining more ball possession, waiting for the scopes when the free slots will appear.

When he was asked about the time since Tuchel’s entrance, Ziyech mentioned that they are having a good week so far. He also said that the time when a manager goes away from the team is never lovely. But, Tuchel has arrived at the scene with his innovative ideas and plans, and the team member is quite eager to work with him as well.

In the last two games, Chelsea has faced its competitors with different playing formations. As they are into a particular training pattern, the team’s playing style was different in those matches. Hence, it’s thoroughly comprehendible that the new Chelsea coach has arrived with a set of own unique ideas.   

The Chelsea football team must adapt to those ideas while having an extensive focus on the upcoming matches. Besides, the team adheres to the coach’s suggestions minutely, giving him the power to propel the game exactly how he wants to do it.

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In the match against Burnley, Chelsea has won, securing two goals against their opponent while Burnley failed to score even one. Ziyech wasn’t in the playing eleven in that match. However, Tuchel explained his decision to leave him out by stating that it wasn’t for any injury but more for managing the workload effectively. 

On the other hand, Ziyech is quite fit and ready to tackle his opponents. According to him, he is healthy, sound, and hungry for 90-minute actions. He stated that the problem he faced wasn’t because of injuries; it was caused by training and games excessively. He mentioned that sometimes footballers need to be smarter and give some rest to themselves.

Being optimistic about his fitness, he stated that he has spoken with the team coach regarding this matter, and now he is now more keen to play consecutive matches like usual.

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