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Harraj s Lamba - Hottest male Bodybuilder india 6'4 - 260 lbs lean

Harraj Lamba one of the Hottest bodybuilder in the world walks with the confidence of a man who knows he's won the DNA lottery: 6 feet, 4 inches tall, 260 pounds ripped with a white skin blond hair, perfect V-shape, big biceps & abbs that make grown men green with envy and a Dudle HBy DoRight chin line. Know as face of 'Enhanced athlete India' ,He's aware of the dropped-jaw stares but doesn't bask in the awe.


Many young men have joined gym & started lifting weights with the purpose of getting as big as possible . If you were to take their deepest thoughts & turn them into real person the results would be handsome harraj lamba . At 6'4 normally weighs in the neighbourhood of 260 pounds- with perfect v-shap back, wide collar & sharp jaw line.
Harraj told Dr. Tony huge on a special episode of ' enhanced transformation podcast' that he knows all too well how those beginners felt because he was one himself.


In junior high school , I was the skinny , long haired metalhead that was in, metal bands he told tony huge I wasn't into sport's i was in bands. After spending a lot of his younger years in bands opening up for national - level acts Harraj did start training & growing & growing . A chance encounter with a photographer in California, introduced himself in the bodybuilding community know as super league - in Las Vegas. He was the first Indian to participate in super league las las, representing India Made him such a proud moment.

Harraj sat down and thought by himself like , damn, if they really think I'm freakier than all these other guys,
You know let me actually try An get Enhanced the qualitie of life.

Enhanced for life I.g harraj s lamba

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