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Healthy & Safe Diwali Tips overview by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd

Individuals with prior conditions, for example, asthma, should remain inside and breaking point their openness to smoke quite far.  …

Healthy & Safe Diwali Tips overview by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd

Individuals with prior conditions, for example, asthma, should remain inside and breaking point their openness to smoke quite far.


Prevention is always considered to be better than cure. It is not constrained by any conditions. Festive celebration enjoyment often outweighs safety for many and that is when prior safety comes to your rescue. Doctors at Ziqitza Healthcare remarks few tips for a Healthy & Safe Diwali tip for you & your loved ones.


Ziqitza is a “one-stop solution” for corporate wellness healthcare solutions for corporates that offers services that include Ambulance at Site, Ambulance on Subscription, Wellness at Workplace, Medical Rooms and Occupational Health Centre, among others. To partner with organisations, looking to strength their medical support in house by providing Emergency medical response services like ambulance or tele helpline 24 x7 and can ensure employees safety within the premises with trained crew.


Like every great festival comes great responsibility of conducting the rituals right, decorating our homes and performing every task to please the deities. Safety is no different from a ritual in the eyes of any deity, as all they want is to see us happy and safe. With get-together & festive vibes all around you, however, keeping yourself safe might seem complicated, especially when everyone is in full festive mood. In such a scenario, preparing well-in-advance is the only solution due to unavoidable meeting with people. Similar observations were made by Ziqitza Rajasthan.


Rajendra Bodas – Head Private Business at Ziqitza Healthcare ltd says, you would never want your savings to flow paying medical bills, rather you want these figures to bring a curve on your family’s lips, isn’t it? Air contamination causes a wide cluster of medical issues, including asthma, lung infection, cardiovascular sicknesses, and so on. Expansion in air contamination levels can bring about various side effects, for example, eye consumes, running nose, skin sensitivity and rashes. 


The following are a couple of tips to assist you with partaking in a sound and sensitivity free Diwali.


  • Assuming you’re playing with crackers ensure that you wear free, full sleeve, cotton garments to abstain from bursting into flames while lighting fireworks. Stay away from nylon or synthetic fabrics as they can undoubtedly burst into flames increase the chances of injury.
  • Wear protective eye glasses to prevent eye irritation by fumes & gases from crackers.
  • Never burn crackers in public places and near Sources of fire like gas or petrol station or inside the house.
  • Take a shower and apply moisturiser on your hands and legs to hydrate the skin and avoid dryness after playing with crackers.

Ensure these tips for your pets and stray animals safe Diwali!

  • Create a safe space with minimal exposure to light & sound.
  • pets are scared and restless due to the abundance of noise from the crackers. It is vital to stay with them so they would be secure and happy.
  • Create Distraction that can amuse them and divert them from the external disturbances. This can be in the form of games or their favourite activity.
  • It is vital to be prepared for emergencies. Keep a first aid kit handy to provide immediate help.
  • In cased of medical casualty be aware of the Animal ambulance to call upon



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