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How Entrepreneur Rohit Bag Made The Successful Switch to Music

In the 1982 hit song - Eye of The Tiger, Survivor sang, "You change your passion for Glory". Many times people are discouraged from pursuing their dreams and many are too afraid to go for what they love.

Rohit Bag, 22 is an entrepreneur from Kolkata. He has a digital marketing business through which he works with brands and draws up marketing and growth strategies. He is a living example of if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. He works tirelessly to perfect business strategies and musical melodies because to him it is not a chore or a task, it is rather an extension of himself - an expression of his feelings and emotions.

When one has a business as successful as Bag's, they would not think of leaving it or try to pursue anything else. But always the one to think out of the box, Bag took a chance and started producing and composing music alongside his business. He works independently on his music and does everything himself and does it with a smile on his face because of his passion and love for creating music.

Since his music came from a place of passion, everything he touched turned to gold. Bag has released acclaimed tracks like Jupiter, Jerry Tunes and Cyclotron and will be releasing more tracks like Shades and Moonlight soon.

Bag also does photography and editing work and his work on the camera can be seen on his Instagram account - where he has amassed an amazing following of 206k followers.

Despite all this Bag remains humble and puts just as much effort into his work now as he did when he started. He says, "If you work hard consistently and with commitment, success will come to you. But once it has entered your life, you still have to grind just as hard, because it can go just as easily as it came. If you want to build a majestic garden, you will have to water it till the end of the day, you can't plant seeds and stop tending to it the moment you get a sapling. I am successful because I impressed people with my work and I don't plan on letting anyone down.".

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