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IIT Council announces ban on all Chinese systems and software

Extending support of the Central Government’s decision to ban Chinese Smartphone Apps, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Alumni Council has announced that all initiatives including MegaLab would immediately eliminate all Chinese systems and software.

The Council has been working actively for the last few weeks with various Technical Institutes of Excellence, research institutions for developing indigenous and cost-effective solutions to replace Chinese systems and software. These include an initiative with IIT Roorkee to recycle all the plastic disposables including viral sample tubes, sample plates, and pipette tips which are consumed in large quantities adding to biohazardous waste challenges as well as hard currency imports. Similarly ICT, Mumbai is supporting work on designing and piloting an indigenous technology line with indigenous capital goods for mass production of the RTPCR 2.0 test kits to be used in the MegaLab, a statement issued by the IIT Council said.

“In support of the Indian Government’s ban on Chinese Apps, IIT Alumni Council is announcing an immediate ban on Chinese systems and software for all its initiatives including MegaLab. We had already started work for indigenous development of requisite systems & software after the appeal of Prime Minister for "Atmanirbhar Bharat."  We are very confident that we shall be able to present world class systems and software with support of the global IIT Alumni community as well as the partner Institutions like Mumbai University and ICT Mumbai that are known for their technology supremacy worldwide. We are also sure that we shall not only achieve the goal of self-sufficiency for all our initiatives but would also export our software and testing systems to other parts of the world. We hope to compete with China head-on in markets around the world,” said Ravi Sharma, President and Chief Volunteer of the IIT Alumni Council.

"Banning the Chinese Apps is the right decision of the government as well as of the IIT Alumni Council. It is well know that the Indian software industry is well geared to win in any market on a level playing field. In the current context , I am more than sure that Indian software and system makers will rise to the occasion and soon present indigenous alternatives to the Indian as well as global market," said Pawan Kumar , Distinguished Alumnus of IITK, Founder of the branded IIT Alumni movement in 2002.

"The government’s ban on Chinese applications is a welcome step. Better late than never. Time to stop Trojan Horses full of pollutants, mesmerising our people, country. The Indian software industry is one of the best in the world, and will treat this step of the govt as a big opportunity to show their talent, prowess and innovative approach. This is time for software and App makers of India to rule the world, and showcase India. Be vocal and buy local is a real slogan" Said BK Syngal, an IIT Alumnus and Ex CMD of VSNL, also known as Telecom Man of India.

“Chinese software and apps are becoming quite prone to malware thus becoming security and privacy risks for the country and there have been concerns of security as well privacy with quite a few Chinese apps / software. In a broken system, every decision has a multifarious impact which cannot be handled later. Thus banning of Chinese apps is a step in the right direction. Indigenous software with well-built privacy & security safeguards are the best solution for India," said IPS Sanjay Sahay, Investigating Officer - Data Security Working Group of IIT Alumni Council and Ex ADG In charge of Karnataka Police Computer Wing.

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