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In Conversation With Music Maestro Franck Kanga

Mvtr Kenobi - Franck Kanga’s stage name - has carved out a space for himself in the French music world as a professional music producer and record label owner. He founded Polymath Records to support and platform upcoming artists and produces for his signed artists and works on his music as well.


Singles - Ocean, Fighter and Studio - by Kanga have found a positive critical consensus and have gained international listeners.


We reached out to Franck Kanga to get to know more about him, and he graciously agreed to answer our curiosities. Find excerpts from our conversation below!


Q: How did you get into music? What drew you into this world?
Franck: At the age of 7, I had already started playing the saxophone and for the majority of my childhood and teenage years I was very interested in Jazz. And since this initial introduction to music, I’ve been continuing my journey with music.


Q: What would you say is the most gratifying part of music production?
Franck: Oh god where do I begin…. I believe that music production is the canvas, lyrics, symphonies and beats all go over the production. You can explore and experiment with genres and sounds as a producer and it is always an artistically satisfying experience. But the most gratifying part is how music production can conserve music. If you have a good sound, then your music will live on and transcend boundaries. And if you find a hidden gem of a song, you can tweak its production and remix it so modern audiences can connect with such masterpieces.


Q: Your music career has been soaring high, where do you wish to steer it for the future?
Franck: Honestly, I go wherever my music takes me. All the acclaim and success that comes because of it is a happy coincidence, because to me my music is the most important. I’ve been producing my work and also for Polymath. We have singles and albums soon to be released.


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