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“Information Technology” and “Indian Talent” Would Create “India Tomorrow.” : Modi

ers to extend free legal aid to the poor litigants. 

"To make judiciary more effective, use of forensic science and technology is very important... the world is moving very fast and we have to cope up to avoid being left behind," he said. 

Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar in his introductory remarks elaborating how the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) would involve one time filing of the case said that it would be totally transparent and secure with all the stake holders knowing each other and every aspect of their case.

Khehar said that he proposes to take the system to all the high courts and the subordinate courts. 

Justice Dipak Misra in his welcome address said that paperless court is not an idea but an environment-friendly initiative coupled with empowering the litigant. 

Referring to a former Chief Justice, who had shelved the idea of WiFi use in the top court on security grounds, Justice J. Chelameswar wondered that if WiFi used in the Pentagon did not pose a threat, how could it pose a threat to the security of the top court.

(With Inputs from IANS)

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