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Instagram Influencer, Sayan Bakshi, talks about quitting his 9-to-5 job

Sayan Bakshi is the name of the hour! The present social media situation of the country sees a steep rise in the number of Instagram influencers and bloggers. However, amidst the large number, only a handful are a name in the industry, be it for their amazing content, or their massive fan following on social media. Such a name in the industry is, Sayan Bakshi, popularly known as The Orange Epistles. Sayan is a popular name among the country’s bloggers and influencers and pointed to be noted, he is the only male influencer from Kolkata. Sayan works from the cities Mumbai & Kolkata and is generally seen actively creating content for his channels, traveling for work and collaborations, shooting for brands, or anchoring events or television shows.

Let’s take a sneak-peak into The Orange Epistles’ wow life and let’s hear from the blogger himself, what he has to say on quitting his 9-to-5 job, and taking up blogging as a full time career. In an exclusive chat with us, Sayan Bakshi mentions that fashion and glamour were something he was always interested in, and he forever wanted a career in the glamour industry. His parents, being quite liberal, were supportive when Sayan chose to shift to a completely different arena in the profession, than what he had pursued his degree in. His parents were always cautious about his grades and academics, therefore, Sayan had always been a scholar in his school and college. He completed his Masters in Medical Technology in 2016 with a whopping 83%, and thereafter started his internship with a renowned hospital in Mumbai. During his postgrads years and internship, he started blogging, took up an acting course, worked as a print model, and had also appeared in two TV daily soaps. By the end of 2016, he decided to quit his 9-to-5 job as medical personnel, and pursue blogging as his mainstream profession. The talented blogger mentions, “I took this risk for my heart’s content. I am a happy kid when I am working on my own terms, and in my own creative space. I believe that’s how I can learn more and grow. And, being a blogger allows me to do so!”

In today’s day, Sayan Bakshi has now worked with more than 200 brands. The fashion & lifestyle blogger is reaching new heights and coming up with flying colors every single day. His Instagram profile @theorangeepistles is colourfully glamorous, and speaks of fashion, lifestyle, men’s grooming, fitness, travel, entertainment, motivation and experiences. His handsome face, fantastic styling sense, a glam wardrobe and charismatic presence makes him one of the best male influencers of the country.

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