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Its time to Advance the standard of Punjabi Cinema says Harpreet Singh owner of 7NamRecords

We always talk about Bollywood and think that it is the most significant industry in India. Well, it is time to rethink on this statement. If you haven't seen Punjabi and south Indian movies, then you are missing something entertaining and mind-blowing technology.

Two Industries are giving fierce competition to Bollywood is Punjabi and south industry. One is of whole swag and Punjabi flavor with groovy music which is famous worldwide and other south with full-on technology which is no lesser than Hollywood.

As we are talking about the Punjabi music industry and Cinema, we came to know about one fabulous person who is taking the Punjabi Industry to another level with his company.

Harpreet Singh who is also known as the Hpreet Singh and also Singhwithbenz is the renowned personality of the Punjabi music industry and Cinema. He is a well-known producer and holds the company called 7Namerecords and Team Royal Music Gang, Parma Music and Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu. You can visit their page on YouTube "Official 7Nam Records." where their Label have posted many super hit songs produced by them.

He was not a professional filmmaker of music producer, but he was always a music lover which drag him to his own Punjabi Cinema. 

As he travels around the places, he felt that everyone loves Punjabi music, so it is time to add some more spice to it.  The second thing he wanted to do is improve the standard of Punjabi Cinema. By giving some real animated movies as Harpreet Singh feels Punjab has many superheroes in Real life. 

He wants to portray them with notable stories and showcase them worldwide with some real creativity with the help of top artists of Punjabi music and Cinema. Many don't know that Harpreet Singh directly joins Punjabi music and Cinema in 2014 with the vision of Raising the standard of Movies and Albums.

Harpreet Singh is a pretty stylish guy, if you visit his Instagram, you will agree with us. This lad has some style in him, which can influence many others. He lives royal life and very mature in posting things on Instagram and all. After looking to him, we felt all rich should see him how to portray your profile on Instagram and other social media platform.

Aah! his profile just distract the point we were talking. Harpreet Singh is planning to come with many music albums by 2020, and he is also planning to produce a movie with his production house. 

Harpreet Singh feels its time to raise the bar of Punjabi Cinema. People should know that not only music but Punjabi Cinema is no lesser than B-town and Hollywood.

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