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Jaipur-Mumbai Train killings: RPF constable kills three people out of hatred

Chetan Singh

A 33-year-old RPF constable, Chetan Singh allegedly killed three Muslim people and a Senior Officer on 31st July in Jaipur-Mumbai Central Express. The constable was fired from his job and arrested on 16th August for committing a heinous crime as per the order of the senior divisional security commissioner, RPF.


The senior railroad officials who were looking into the issue primarily depended on the court's judgment when they dismissed Chaudhary. "By bringing out his automatic rifle and murdering three Muslims in three different places, the Accused demonstrated the act's intentionality.” Later, he killed ASI Tika Ram Meena, his Superior Officer, possibly in an act of anger, the Court stated. The authorities concluded that "Chetan Singh Does Not Deserve a Chance of an Inquiry." 


It is not possible to conduct a D&AR (internal inquiry) probe as required by the guidelines since Chetan Singh's act tarnished the reputation of the RPF and his action falls under the category of heinous crime. The dismissal ruling noted that departmental inquiries take time and will fall short of their stated goal of punishing the guilty. Delaying taking legal action against the offender will harm the force and destroy discipline. The senior officer noted that if we ignore it, this would spread like a contagious disease. Delaying making a judgment, in this case, might cause individuals to lose trust in the RPF and promote disciplinary issues inside the organization. Constable Chetan Singh has thus been discharged from duty as per the RPF Act of 1987's regulations, according to the ruling.


RPF policeman Jai Prakash Yadav, assigned to Bhayander, said in his testimony during the investigation that Chetan Singh was seen wandering on the track after getting off the train. He was coming towards him with a weapon. Chetan Singh warned Yadav to get out of his way or he would kill him when he questioned him, "With a rifle, where are you going alone?" Yadav also said that Chetan tried to hide as a local train passed by. "The Government Railway Police also showed up after listening to the news, and then we all surrounded Chetan Singh on Platform No. 2 of Mira Road station. He was not carrying the firearm at the time; perhaps he had hidden it. Chetan Singh was afterward taken into jail by the GRP,” he said.


According to Bhayander Railway station sub-inspector Pravin Tamag, “the rifle (ARM) was found on railroad tracks on a down slow line (heading west).” The head constable of the Mira Road Railway station, Jai Prakash Yadav, backed up his assertions.

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