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Jobanjit Singh, An Influencer Who is Always Ready With Helping Hands

Social media is changing the world, and we're all witnessing it daily. But to actually be that change we need someone who understands the power of social media and is an expert in using the power incorrect manner.

Jobanjit Singh, a native of a small village Deo Bath district Tarn Tarn, Punjab, currently residing in Regina, Canada believes in the policy that anything is possible when you have the right vision and right people there to support you. He owns a successful music company VS Records with over 1 million subscribers and also runs a digital media marketing and pr agency which he started just at the age of 17 with a very well-coordinated team and is currently managing more than 35 major artists.

Jobanjit while doing his mechanical engineering study came to know how the modern world is full of digital media and with the increasing popularity of social media, he witnessed he has a keen interest in information technology and then he stepped into media work. Now he is managing various celebrities and public figures. 

Along with being an expert in digital marketing, Jobanjit Singh is an active social worker too. He believes in true humanity and in helping others without expecting anything in return. He has raised and donated more than 10lakh rupees of a fund to help unknown people in misery and pain in various situations. He has now shifted to Canada but it made no change in his spirit of helping others instead it gave him a big boost as he becomes financially self-dependent. Knowing the true power of social media, He wants to use the power to help people with the platform of social media. 

Social media has evolved to be an unstoppable force and he is definitely one of the most experienced and known for his work. Good deeds are always appreciated thus Jobanjit Singh is a must check on over social media.

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