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Journey Of A Young Entrepreneurial Genious - Ashfaz Abdul Khader

There is no alternative to consistent hard work and talent. A young and successful entrepreneur from Dubai, Ashfaz Abdul Khader swears by this mantra. With at least one venture in almost all industries within the Gulf region, Ashfaz’s business empire is touching new heights every day. He thanks his business embedded family genes and his experiences and exposure in Dubai for this successful journey.

Ashfaz hails from a family-based in Kasaragod District of Kerala, India. From the era of his forefathers, Ashfaz’s family has remained pioneers of the Timber Industry within Kerala.  Though he was not actively involved in his family business, Ashfaz was ambitious. He didn’t want to restrict himself to a certain line of business and get constrained within his state or even country. However, convincing this thought process to his traditional family was not an easy task. It is then, Ashfaz realized that he had to leave the comfort of his home and cross oceans to fulfill his dreams and goals.

Ashfaz chooses Dubai to be the platform to pursue his dreams. He started working as a Draughtsman in 2006 for his sustenance. However, he could not resist the businessman in him and in 2013 started his very first venture in Dubai with the help of a friend. His first company PITSTOP dealt with spare parts trading for Automobiles. In no time, the business grew and spread across the MENA region.  He diversified his business into sectors like Healthcare and F&B in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Today, his healthcare venture - National Medical Centre in Dubai has emerged out as one of the most affordable dental and psychiatry clinics in Dubai catering top-notch services.

Ashfaz’s love for exquisite coffee and sweet treats led him to the food industry and WAFFEESTREET café was born in 2017. With already three branches spread across Dubai and Sharjah, his café remains one of the most preferred joints for mouthwatering pastries, superfood, and specialty coffee. Thanks to Ashfaz’s skills in interior design, the cozy café aesthetic appeals to all food bloggers and Social media buffs. 

Ashfaz continues to thrive in his entrepreneurial journey and shall continue expanding his business across different industries around the globe.

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