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Kamz Inkzone - one stop destination to get your dreams sketched on your skin.

“Wear you heart on your skin in this life”- Sylvia Path famously quoted this line. Kamz famously known as Kamz Ink Zone have been a the driving force that motivates the above saying. He is one of the most talented and humble tattoo artists in our country. He accepted his love for this profession at a very young age, when he saw his classmate draw a tattoo on his wrist with a pen. He had been very intrigued since then about this art form. Hurdles are always part of a great success story. His parents, like any other Indian parents, did not approve of this profession. But his dedication and his deliberate efforts convinced them to understand his passion. He gained his initial knowledge from a famous tattoo expert named Nick Sharma from Ludhiana, and then, nothing could stop him from achieving all the success in the world. Today he owns a tattoo parlour named “Kamz Inkzone.”

He yearned to learn more about the forms of tattoo and the designs. He has attended many conventions across the globe that have helped him pave ways to a greater learning source. In the Second International Tattoo Convention that was held in Goa, Kamz was the only one invited from Punjab. He has been very persistent in his efforts to attend such conventions, learn from talented and well-known tattoo artists, and also bring so much glory to India. He has also been a part of a convention in Nepal and he has attended on in Russia too. He is also going to be a part of a convention in Europe as well.

Kamz, as a person is very humble and his urge to become proficient in this profession is never ending. He has made tattoos for some very famous personalities namely Yuvraj Hans, A-Kay, Sara Gurpal, Garry Sandhu, Ninja, Elly Mangat, Sukh-E-Musical Doctorz. These are just a few stars on his shoulder as of yet. He aims to have more recognition in this field. His desire to learn this art in the most intricate manner is worth appreciation. His visualization and his brain both are quite synchronized and well equipped to draw the most dificult tattoos. He is already working tirelessly towards achieving his passion to draw realistic portraits in the future.

One should always be very versatile and social in order to learn and enhance their creative skills. Kamz have been a part of an MTV show, Ace of Space season 1. Having an opportunity to be a part of the national television show that would give him huge recognition as well as a chance to meet new people was an incredible experience for him. He has already procured so much appreciation from such great personalities that he does not need any more validation on his work. Having said that, Kamz have been diligent in mentioning that he is still in the learning phase of his profession. He is a trend setter in this era because getting a tattoo is still not very common in India. There is still a part of the society that does not appreciate this culture. Irrespective of all the negativity, he has been aiming for the bull's eye.

His artistry and his resolute efforts speaks in high regards about his profession. Being someone who has inked Yuvraj Hans, Garry Sandhu, Ninja is incredible work. Kamz's desire is evident in all his interviews where he says he wants to have greater apprehension about tattoos. He said “With the almighty's grace, I would love to learn more about realistic portraits and become one of the top tattoo artists in the world” 

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